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To: All Allpower Clients.


Please keep this for future reference and/or send us email for all stores and we can email them.


To Upgrade Allpower: (takes 1-3 minutes)

STEP #1: Close out of Allpower!! Close out of Allpower!

STEP #2: Go to website:

Look for the name of your company/employees.

STEP #3: Click on this and a box appears, choose Run. (or Save). If you SAVE it, save to your DESKTOP. (then go to Desktop and run)

STEP #4: Click the RUN button.

STEP #5:

Another box will appear, click RUN and then when the box below appears click UNZIP

Click CLOSE and you are done!

(must do this on ALL computers) - (must do this on ALL computers)


Saving to a CD or USB?

To save to a CD or USB flash drive, under step #4 above, choose SAVE. A box appears, save to your USB flash (normally E, F drives).

Then, put the USB flash into the computer to be upgraded and follow steps #1, then #3 and then #5.


Upgrade Reminders

Please do all upgrades in the morning, between 8am & 12noon only. If there are problems, contact Allpower via phone, fax & email. Friday upgrades are not recommended.