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Instructions for filling out this form:  Please fill out this form and describe the changes you may need to your system and/or describe any problems you may have experienced. If there are report discrepancies, it is always nice to send along a faxed copy of any report from your system (along with the requested changes on the actual report).  Please try to be specific.  You may email or fax this form.


YOUR NAME:   _____________________    COMPANY/STORE: __________________

PHONE #:          ______________________   EMAIL:   ___________________________


On our main menu, there is a version # and a date, please fill this in (example:  1.02   8/15/06)

Version #:   ______       Date: _________                  **This is critical**


Which System?             

□Payday Loan     □Check Cashing   □Title Loans   □Bailbond     □Video    □Receipt/Sales    □Pawnshop


Is this customer related?  If so, supply customer name below.     **This is critical**


Choose a Category

□Daily Cash System /Cash Drawer         □Customer  Records & Data (if so, please supply customer name)

□Reports (Report is wrong, if so, please fax that report, page 1 only)

□Payday Loan Payments         □Title Loan Payments     □Misc Payments    □Cricket/Western Union

□Processing Payday Loans (can’t enter a new loan, contract will not print)

□Processing Title Loans     (can’t enter a new loan, contract will not print)

□Accessing Allpower (type in my password and it locks up).    

□Other  (Please describe:  _____________________________________)


Describe problem (be specific): 

Bad Example:  I am having computer problems.

Good Example(s):  When I do a new TITLE loan for Mike Smith, the computer locks up.

                                When I try to process a $500 payment for Susan Jones, it does not print a receipt.

                                Customer Jack Jones is paying $100 on a title loan, $44int, $56principal.

                                 Yesterday I was using Allpower fine, today I can’t login at all.



Describe Here












Please fill out this form in it’s entirety and our technical staff will review your system and follow-up via email, fax or phone.  Please check your email!!  


Sending us a copy of your data file:

Often times, we recommend you to send us your data file.  To do this, close out of your program. Go to my computer, go to local c (hard disk), there is a folder DATABASES, open this and then you will see your company name folder.  Look for a file xxxxdata.mdb or it may say xxxdata. Right click on this file and then left click “send to/compressed zip folder”.  If it says, file exists, replace, say yes.  It creates a file  Email this file to the above email address as a file attachment.  To attach a file, simply look for a “insert attachment” or “attachment” button.